Thursday, 27 September 2012

The cutest Christmas bag ever

Hi Everyone, as you probably know by now I have started planning for Finley's first Christmas and browsing ever website for anything festive and cute. 

One of my most favourite websites is I love how you browse through thinking "oooo that would be great in the bathroom, ooooo Matthew would love that" or "this is in the kids section but I want it for me". From what I have seen it is very similar to Etsy as in there are multiple sellers that offer some pretty cool stuff. 

As I browsed through the site one item caught me eye - this lovely little canvas Christmas bag from the seller 3 Blonde Bears :) 

I love the rustic feel of this bag, how his name is all raggedy and the Jolly Father Christmas just tops it off for me. I wouldn't say this is an alternative to a stocking as its around 20cm by 26cm, but I would say it is plenty big enough for your Christmas sweets and choccys or even better to put on your table for friends and family!

I think it will look blooming well lovely nestling under our tree all stuffed to the brim with treats - I'm getting so excited. I'm thinking of getting one for Matthew and I so we all match.

You can purchase yours here for £7 including delivery -  there are different designs to choose from and the seller offers allsorts of other lovely personalised items, including stockings, present sacks and babygrows.

I have added the business card info I got incase you want to get in touch with them - sorry its all crinkled, Finley got his hands on it tut tut tut.

Let me know what you have started buying if anything yet for Christmas? 

Love Kayleigh x

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