Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hmmmm have my waters broken?

I want to post this on here because I asked the same question back in January and got the wrong answer.

My due date was the 3rd February 2012 but ended up having Finley on the 15th January at 37 weeks and 2days, see don't believe all those 'overdue' first time mum stories.
I can't put my finger on the exact date my waters broke but from memory it would have been around 2 weeks before I went into labour.

Lets set the scene, I was 35 weeks pregnant getting up 2/3 times a night to wee and already starting to feel pressure on my bladder like never before. It was the ritual 2am night time wee and as I stood up it felt like I did a little wee had escaped before I had chance to go, 'oh frigin heck, the weeing myself has started' I thought. I went to the toilet as normal and back I hopped into bed. As I led there the thought crossed mind 'could that have been my waters?' nooooo when peoples waters break its a huge gush, right?

That morning I had that same wee urge as I stood and it felt like I was desperate for the toilet. Ever since that night I had an urge to go for a wee 24/7 but how do I say this politely 'I didn't ever wet myself it just felt like that sensation'. Is this getting too much information already? Oh dear, wait till my labour and delivery post.

It became a running joke at work that I was weeing every hour and on my last day they even put some leaving posters in the toilet because I spent half my time there haha. I still worked right up till the end, 2 days before I had him :)

A little creased, they were all over the toilets hah

At home I took my usual stance and the laptop and of course googled 'have my waters broken'? All these results came back with no, don't worry, its the babies last growth spurt and he is pressing your bladder like never before. All these mums commenting saying that they went to the hospital only to say they got sent straight back home. There were so many comments saying that if your waters have gone you will leak if sat on the toilet, you will be wet all the time, there will be a distinct smell and colour - well none of these applied to me so off I went assuming I was just becoming one of those constant weeing pregnant women. 

I left work on the Friday with cards and present bags galore ready for a few weeks rest before my due date, but no i'm not allowed to rest according to Finley and I woke up in labour on Sunday! 
In the hospital they examined me and took ages, they were feeling for waters but I didnt have any. My waters had broken, Oh crap I thought I hope he is okay. Luckily for me he was but he did have to be given antibiotics for 3 days and it meant a longer stay in hospital, but luckily he had no infection :) 
I wanted to write this for all you 'Kayleighs' out there that answered no to all the questions online and thought you will be fine. Yes you probably will be but I wish I had gotten it checked out sooner, just pop along to hospital and you will either know if your waters have gone or if you are just plain old weeing your pants! 
I hope this post will help someone out there ; I would be interested to hear from you if you had a similar experience to me or if your waters exploded in the middle of Tesco. Let me know?

Love Kayleigh x

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