Friday, 21 September 2012

Am I about to talk about Christmas in September...

Well the answer to that question is yes, im sorry but im just too darn excited. 

Im not sure why but for some reason this year I have had the 'Christmas Urges' (yes that is a condition) since around June. A very new experience for 'lets wait till December pay day' me, I am assuming that once you have a baby a Christmas switch in your head is switched to overdrive. 

Finley will be only 11months this year but I think he will love all the fussing and paper scrunching...and of course the obligatory fancy dress and matching family pyjamas.

The thing I am most looking forward to is passing on little traditions and creating new ones as a family. I always think about the moment he understands and truly believes in all the magic of Christmas, that Christmas Eve when he can't sleep, the little letter written in crayon and that look of pure joy and happiness on Christmas morning where he cant speak for excitement.

Expect more posts on Christmas in the coming months for ideas on pressies, decorations and just general Christmas greatness. 

Do you plan Christmas months in advance or are you a last minute shopper?  

Love Kayleigh x

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