Wednesday, 26 September 2012

We have teeth

If i had been writing this blog as I should have been from the beginning you would know that Finley was teething from around the 3 month mark. *slaps wrist for not updating blog*
Drooling all over me and his Dad, Rosy cheeks galore and a developing a new finger chewing obsession, I was convinced that his teeth were on there way. Boasting how he would be one of those boys with 4 teeth before 6 months. Wow how wrong was I. 

 Here is a little pic of Fin when he was 4 months looking all flushed in teething hell

I was constantly checking those gums for little teeth and with every little change I was shouting "Matt, I think we have a tooth" or "he will defo have teeth this time next week". Alas that day would not come for months yet. Oh and our 'friend' Google has a lot to answer to as well, most sites saying by 6 months he will have two bottom teeth. I blame myself for being a persistent googler!

So at the 7 month or so mark I heard Marie Bits and Clips mention that Scarlet didn't get any teeth till after her 1st Birthday so I thought I better just relax and see what happens. I was determined to not be phased by the lack of peggies and just enjoy every gummy moment Finley and I had :) 

He loves his Nuby key teether but uses it more as a maraca and never chews on it. Until a few weeks ago I saw him gnawing on the handle and biting so hard his gums were squeaking. I had the obligatory feel on the gum and there is was *firework moment* THE TOOTH! Well not a tooth as such just a little hard sharp lump. Yay - that day was the 10th September 2012, Finely was just short of 8 months old.

Finley was very excited about his first tooth  - Excuse the quality it was still a little dark in the morning

 Matt and I were so excited that the day had come and Finley showed another sign of growing into a big boy. But the googler in me couldn't help but then type 'after the first tooth when does the second come through' I thought I have waited so long for this one now the moment is here i'm already searching for the next milestone - is this something that you do? Relax Kayleigh I thought, it will come when he is ready!

But yesterday on the 25th September 2012 his bottom right tooth appeared :) 15 days after the first. I'm sure they will keep popping up all over from now on. 

I was looking at Nubys Facebook site recently and they posted this very handy chart - I wish I had seen it earlier to save my worries

So what have I learnt - Finley's milestones and development will happen when he is ready - no amount of Googling will speed it up. A more relaxed approached is needed - lets see if it happens! 

Do you have the same approach with your little ones, is Google your friend? Let me know I would love to hear.

Love Kayleigh x

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