Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Number 1 must have for baby.....

This might not be everyone's 'must have' but for me Muslin Squares are something that I couldn't have lived without.

From birth Finley has suffered from severe reflux and a possible milk intolerance which equals lots of sick! I could guarantee that during and after every feed he would be sick. Poor little Finners. 

One of the best buys ever were these Muslin Squares from Tesco. We have around 30 and trust me that is not over kill - we could go through 10 a day on a normal day. 

They are still in great condition after being washed over and over and over, however they do shrink slightly after the first wash but I dont think that is a problem....if anything is makes them much softer.

Finley showing off his Muslin squares
Even though Finley has got a little better with his reflux he is still sick almost daily and they are always on hand. However on another note I would not recommend the little burp cloths made out of fabric, they are tiny, not very soft and do not absorb anything. Dont waste your money on them as you will never get any use other than using them as a dishcloth.

I would rave all day about Muslin Squares so make sure if your pregnant you go out and grab them now - not the most beautiful baby purchase but definitely one of the best.

Let me know your thoughts? Do you have a baby that suffers from Reflux or a Milk Intolorence?

Love Kayleigh x

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