Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sippy Cup Top Trumps

I was sat here trying to come up with a cool idea on how to review these two sippy cups without the obvious humdrum same old same old blog post, my original idea was 'Sippy Wars' but that seemed slightly ott for a baby blog. So I have settled on 'Sippy Cup Top Trumps'

The two sippy cups that are battling it in the face off are - 

1. The Nuby Grip and Sip (Old Skool Version) Even though this is the older version you can still get yours here
2. The Thermos Foogo - buy yours here

Both Sippys will be rated out of 10 in a number of categories and the winner will be the one with the highest score at the end. Easy Peasy.

Are we all ready....lets play Sippy Cup Top Trumps*cue X-factor style lighting change and dramatic music*

I'm going to start off shallow and judge them both on their looks (something never allowed on people....okay?) I would say both are appealing to the eye and look great, the Nuby cup has the funky edge where the Thermos is sleek looking with eye catching stainless steel. Personally I prefer the look of the Thermos mainly because it doesn't look like every other sippy cup out there....but read on further to see why there probably isn't another one like this on the market. 

Score Time - Looks
Nuby - 7
Thermos - 9

Next I will look at practicality - Both will score similar in this category as they are easy to take apart, easy to wash and both a handy size to place in your Baby bag. Neither of these cups leak and hold a very similar amount of water. 

Score Time - Practicality 
Nuby - 8
Thermos - 8

Now its time to look at the special features of each of the cups. Lets start with Nuby, as the cup is made of clear tinted plastic it is lightweight and easy for babys to lift and take a sip. You can easily see how much water your baby has had or if they need more. The best feature for me is the soft squishy plastic spout, it is so flexible and soft, something a must have for first time sippy users. Right lets take a gander at the Thermos, the insulated layer on the cup gets a big thumbs down from me. Apart from looking good I don't see any other use. Finley is not going to be stopping by at Starbucks anytime soon for a morning Latte with extra caramel syrup. Yes he might want cool water but I don't think he will mind it a few degrees warmer than it was a few hours ago. Hmmmmm I'm not sold on this thermos dealio. Also (sorry Thermos) you cannot see inside to have a nosey what is left and the insulated layer adds so much weight for tiny baby hands. 

Score Time - Speciality Features 
Nuby - 8 
Thermos - 4 :( 

Last but not least the most important category - Which cup does Finley prefer. 
I can rant on about sippy cups all night but im not the one who uses them so this part of the test belongs to Finners. 
He has used both cups loads of times but from my observations I have seen that he uses the Nuby cup far more confidently. He tends to struggle with the weight of the Thermos and also has problems when his nose is pressed against the lid. With the Nuby he can chew the flexible spout and  his nose squishes into the lid with no problem. 

Finley's scores 
 Nuby - 9 
Thermos - 6

I think we have a winner and that is Nuby with a total of 32 to Thermos who scored 27 - not a lot in the scores and this is just my opinion on both cups. I imagine the Thermos cup may be more handy when he is older but Nuby is the champion of Sippy Cups Top Trumps. 

I just wanted to quickly touch on price, the new version of the Grip and Sip is avalible on for only £2.99. The Thermos I have linked above is showing as £16.89 WOW! I would say shop around as prices will vary.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this? Do you want to see more product related top trumps?

Love Kayleigh x


  1. Great review kayleigh - well done! X

    1. Thanks for reading - I have just 'liked' your Facebook page - some great info on your blog x

  2. What a great review! I love your blog too! Love Matt x x x


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